Merrimack Valley

Empowering our community to be a force for social justice. 

Action Together Massachusetts Merrimack Valley (ATMV) is a group of like-minded individuals in and around the 3rd Congressional District of Massachusetts united by our intention to protect progressive social values and engage with our community through uplifting and impactful actions.

To accomplish this mission, we will:
* Stand in opposition to racism, sexism, bigotry, religious discrimination, homophobia, and all other forms of intolerance;
* Generate an informed membership by promoting information from valid news sources and fact-based media;
* Build partnerships with the many social justice groups in our community and beyond;
* Encourage our members to be politically active;
* Develop relationships with local elected officials in order to give our organization a local and national voice;
* Coordinate volunteer efforts to support the many nonprofit organizations in our community;
* Host meetups and gatherings in order to educate, inform and support our fellow members.

Upcoming Events

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