Regional Groups in MA

The Action Together team in Massachusetts is made up of a state group (ATMA) and multiple regional groups. Our primary means of communication is currently via Facebook. We share many of our news and action items here on our website.

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The state and regional groups work closely together, though regional groups have their own administration and set their own goals. A MA resident can be a member of their regional group, the state ATMA group, or both.

Why would you want to be a member of a regional group? Lots of reasons!

  • Meet local progressives in person to build community and plan action
  • Focus on regional issues as well as state and national issues
  • Arrange meetings with local social/political groups and public figures
  • Plan activism trainings, call bank parties, and other political/social events in places that are convenient for you.
  • Ensure that issues in your region are discussed within the Action Together groups in Massachusetts and in our national networks.

How to Join Action Together Groups:

All groups are closed groups on Facebook that require a membership request to join. This is done for the safety and privacy of all group members. We’ve created the following Facebook pages where you can request group membership.