About Us

Our Mission:

Action Together Massachusetts (ATMA) empowers individuals to reclaim our democratic heritage through targeted, strategic civic engagement for social welfare. By providing practical tools and opportunities for action, ATMA works to advance progressive values and legislation with a focus on the local and state level.

Our Vision:

A politically and socially engaged community that holds itself, elected officials, and institutions accountable for fulfilling the promise of our diverse, democratic nation.

Our Focus:

We focus on four interconnected priorities:

  • Connect and share in a safe, online space, organize local get-togethers and meetings, and learn about public events in their area.
  • Network with existing progressive groups and build alliances to support their causes.
  • Learn in order to understand, discuss and influence local and national issues. We also examine our own biases, judgments and limitations so we may recognize and challenge prejudice in ourselves and in the world around us.
  • Act to make a real impact: speak directly to Massachusetts elected officials, campaign for and support progressive candidates, engage in phone, letter, and email campaigns, and attend protests, rallies and marches.

In all areas, ATMA stands for equal rights, religious tolerance, freedom of the press, science, inclusivity, social justice, economic freedom, and fundamental human decency.

By supporting our group members, coordinating with our regional groups, and partnering with other progressive organizations, Action Together Massachusetts works to protect and build our communities, economy, and institutions through progressive action.